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Talking Therapy

Person-centred therapy is a 50-minute session that’s all about you. You’re the only one who knows what is happening in your mind and your life. We are here to listen, to walk alongside you, and to understand what is happening for you. We’ll work together to achieve your hopes and create the outcome you want from your counselling journey.

We’ll help you to manifest change in your life and become more of your authentic self.

50 mins | £55

Exercise Therapy

A physical programme tailored to your needs, your life, and your goals. Our exercise therapy supports you to progress at your own pace and level of intensity, improving your overall health and wellbeing, without the fear.

50 mins | £30

Business Therapy

Working with businesses to provide self-care models for employees with different needs.

Whether your teams require talking or exercise therapy at a group or individual level, we provide support packages to suit you and your people.

Get in touch to discuss a self-care model for your employees.